FashionTV is a GLOBAL network that presents fashion in NEW and IMAGINATIVE ways every day. From the front row of the BIGGEST fashion shows and runways and the highlights of all the best fashion stories from around the world to the ravishingly HOT models, FashionTV brings them to you first!

The FTV+ platform presents 12 stunning thematic media such as Fashion Week, Swimwear, Models, Designers, Bridal, Hair and Makeup, Fashion men, etc. FashionTV broadcasts a variety of exclusive content on these media. The following are the details of the 12 media of FashionTV.

Midnight Secrets

Witness the world of sensuality and seduction on the Midnight Secrets channel, where beautiful women take you on the journey of sensuality and luxury.

Watch the Midnight Secrets shows 24x7 available on our TV Network. You can also access the channel on-demand with our VOD service any time you want.


  • A premium media channel made exclusively for men.
  • With F-Men you can get access to the amazing shows related to men's Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Style, Grooming, Clothing, Men's Fashion, and everything that revolves around the lives of men.

Hair and Makeup

  • FashionTV’s Hair and Makeup provides a plethora of intriguing content from the hairstyling and makeup industry.
  • You can view the Hair and Makeup channel any time on your TV network or stream on-demand anytime you want.

FashionTV L’Original

  • FashionTV L’Original gives you access to premium channel content, FTV fashion events like fashion weeks, calendar shoots, swimwear shoots, etc. across the world straight on your TV.
  • You can also access the media channel on-demand from your smartphone.


  • Our Photoshoots channel gives you backstage access to various FashionTV photoshoots.

Fashion Films

  • FashionTV brings you the most curated and FINEST collection of Fashion. Films of your favourite fashion designers and POPULAR fashion houses around the world.

Fashion Weeks

  • With the Fashion Weeks media channel, you can catch the latest fashion TRENDS across the world from the top Fashion Weeks destinations like New York, Milan, London, and Paris.

FashionTV Global

  • FashionTV gives you insights into the worldwide fashion industry at your fingertips. Get the latest updates, news, and alerts about the fashion world with our FashionTV Global channel.

Bridal Fashion

  • FashionTV brings you a Bridal Fashion channel to give you insights into the world of bridal fashion.

Model Fitness

  • FashionTV’s Model Fitness is where LUXURY meets fitness. It takes blood, sweat, and hard work to achieve your dream physique and we are your companions in your fitness journey.

Top Models

  • With FTV Top Model, you get to spectate the journey of some of the most popular and successful models across the world and how they played their roles in shaping the fashion industry.

FTV Paris

  • You can catch the latest shows, fashion weeks, photoshoots, calendar shoots, after parties, behind the scenes of shows, and everything about fashion that goes around in Paris.
  • With the rising popularity of the FashionTV+ media channel and the demand of the audience, FashionTV will launch some exclusive new media on the FashionTV+ platform. Media such as Men’s Secrets, Lingerie, 4K Channel, VR Channel, and FashionTV China will be soon added to the FashionTV+ platform.